Home Page Setup

There are 6 sections to set up in Front Page. Before we begin we need to install and activate ‘Redux Framework’ plugin as recommended by theme. Then to begin Go to Theme Options => Home

Slider Setup

Theme uses Flexslider which is a responsive slider and you can learn more about it here. Settings are pretty much self explanatory.

slider-setting1. Upload your slider

2. Enter Caption for slider. HTML is allowed.

3. By Right Clicking on Image, you’ll get a context menu and from that choose “Copy Image Location”. Paste it in this field.

4. After adding many slides, if you wish to delete one slide click here.

5. Click on Add Slide button to add as many slides as you wish.

Setting Up Services Section

Here is list of Icons which is useful to grab icon names


1. Enter Service Title

2. Enter Service section sub title

3. Enter name of Icon. Please note that all names should be prefixed with ‘fa ‘

4. Enter title that goes as “Tab”

5. Enter tab content. HTML allowed.

6. Repeat the step for other services.

7. Click ‘Save Changes’ when done.

Teams and Top Features Section

Both are just textarea field, you just need to enter html content. Sample HTML is already there, you may change it to your liking.

Skills Section


1. Enter Title for ‘Skills’ section

2. Enter Skill Name

3. Enter Skill Percentage

4. Enter Icon name with ‘fa ‘ prefix